CS2 Accounts

We have all sorts of CS2 accounts ranging from simple MM Ready Prime Accounts as well High-Tier prime accounts! Check them out below!

CS2 Accounts

CS2 Accounts

All our counter-strike 2 accounts are coming in a good account status, no cheats or other software has been used on it.
All our accounts are instantly delivered to your E-mail!

Instant delivery + Full Access

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CS2 Prime Accounts

CS2 Accounts
CS2 Accounts
$14.99 - 59.99 USD

Prime Accounts
Instant Delivery
All our accounts in stock (Press Show Accounts)

CS2 Prime Account
CS2 Prime Accounts
$14.99 USD

Prime Status
Instant Delivery
MM Ready & Original E-Mail

CS2 Mid-Tier Account
CS2 Mid Tier Accounts
$29.99 USD

1-3 Service Medals
100+ Wins
Every Account is different (Press Show Accounts)

CS2 Aged Account
CS2 18/17Y Old Accounts
$ 9.99 USD

5 Year+ 10 Year Coin
18/17 Year Steam Badge
NonPrime (Press Show Accounts)

About Counter-Strike 2 Accounts

We provide a lot of different accounts for CS:2. Depends for what youre searching you will find the right account. We have a lot of different CS2 Prime Accounts but also aged CS2 Accounts with a 5 Year and 10 Year Veteran Coin. We also offer you different Account packages with our other services - so you will get the best gaming experience with your account! We deliver all accounts in a good state (no tradebans, no limitations, no bans)

To see the details of our Accounts, just click "Show Accounts" and open the description window. Don't worry, you don't have to pay immediately after clicking.



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Our email support makes it easy for you to contact us without having to download an app. A response can take up to 24 hours.


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